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Jack Wolfskin divide their range into four product lines: ACTIVE OUTDOOR, HIKING, OVERYDAY OUTDOOR and KIDS. Each line includes products designed for different activities. Certain types of products have certain features in common. Above all, every single product is designed with particular activities in mind, i.e. the situation where it is intended to be used. Jack Wolfskin consider where their users go, what activities they are involved in and what they need (or don’t need). Their products are all designed with a high degree of functionality and can be used for a wide range of activities. However, they only share up to 80% of their characteristics. The remaining 20% is differentiated and specialized. This becomes more apparent when the products are put to more extreme use.


Jack Wolfskin work with a huge selection of fabrics and detailing solutions and have a long-standing experience of innovative design. It would be perfectly possible to cram as many details as possible into each new product – something they don’t do. That is not how they work. Excess detailing means extra weight and just gets in the way.


So what really matters? Is the key question exceptional ventilation, freedom of movement or more robustness? This decision has to be made before the detailing is even considered. Other important issue are: What else do you have to carry? Where is your waist belt? Do you need easy access to important items of equipment? And what goes in your pockets? These factors all determine which details make most sense and where they are best positioned.


When designing their footwear, they put themselves in the situations that they know you will encounter and adapt uppers, stability, roll-off performance, volume, materials and weather protection accordingly. Their tents take terrain, precipitation and occupants into account, to ensure that your outdoor home can be easily pitched and quickly made as homely as possible.



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