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Sometimes you only notice that a detail is not what it should be when it doesn’t do what it supposed to do. To prevent this from happening Jack Wolfskin refine even the smallest details of their products to make them as simple as possible. Behind the scenes there are a whole host of measures that make your apparel and equipment better. Many of these developments only become apparent when you come to use them. But that’s ok. You don’t need a degree to use their products. They’ve meticulously researched and tested them – and they’re sure that they’ve come up with many a function that you’ll really appreciate.


Apparel: Their hoods are a good example of what we mean by functionality. They are quick and easy to adjust, designed to prevent water from getting in and still provide full vision when you turn your head. Or take our ZIP AWAY function. It enables a pair of full length pants to be transformed into a pair of shorts, without having to take your boots off – thanks to an additional zip.


Goodfunctionality should also make a product easier to use. This applies especially to their FAMILY jackets for kids and youngsters. They pay particular attention to making things easier for their smaller users and to increasing the safety aspect.


In general though, their functional details are simply there to be enjoyed. They require no extra thought on your part. It’s as easy as that.


Equipment: Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. The waist belt on larger trekking rucksacks has a PULL FORWARD buckle. It can be easily adjusted by simply pulling the buckle forward – a welcome detail when wearing a heavy rucksack. Other models include a bottle holster, for easy access to a drinks bottle. There are countless other such examples.


Jack Wolfskin put a lot of thought into their other products too. Their tents have an innovative modular pole system for faster and simpler pitching, storage pouches for the guylines (eliminating the “tripwire effect”), special CORNER EDGES (short, vertical pole sections), which create more space in the vestibules…


Footwear: The primary concern here is a comfortable fit. Lacing has an important role to play, a perfect point to highlight their innovative functionality. Carefully designed interspacing of eyelets and lacehooks and low-friction adjustment elements mean that their Rapid Lacing System can be evenly adjusted with just one pull, right down to the toe area.


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