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Weather Protection

Jack Wolfskin products make you feel “At Home Outdoors”. For a successful trip, aside from great surroundings, the right partners and shared goals, you’ll need reliable weather protection, designed to cope with whatever conditions you might encounter. Jack Wolfskin products have always been about providing outstanding protection from the rain, the wind and the cold. This applies as much to rucksacks and footwear as it does to jackets and trousers. Every product group requires its own distinctive technological solutions, materials and fabrics.


Rain: Making a fabric waterproof is the easy part. It also has to be lightweight yet robust and durable, easy to work with yet pleasant to wear. In addition to the fabric itself, the construction, cut and details also make a major contribution to waterproofing.


This is particularly true when it comes to jackets. The hood must not restrict the face, the hands need to remain free and the whole system has to allow unrestricted movement. How do you prevent moisture from rising up inside, being pumped in during movement or simply running in? Jack Wolfskin have done so much research that they could write books about it. These are precisely the kinds of issues that have led to the intelligent solutions now seen in so many Jack Wolfskin products.


Wind: Wherever you go, you will always run into the wind at some point. The main problem here is that the wind can make it feel much colder than it actually is (wind chill factor). Protection from the wind is important to prevent overcooling. This remains one of the most important aspects of Jack Wolfskin functional clothing.


Having said that, when a small amount of air is allowed to pass through a fabric, it can dramatically improve wear climate and overall comfort. A windproof coating or membrane is therefore not always essential. The key question at the development stage is “does the end product need to be fully windproof or just wind-resistant?” Here again the protective properties of a fabric are supported by the designed-in detailing.


Insulation: Insulation is obviously an important factor during product development – and not just in winter. The body wastes valuable energy if it has to work to keep itself warm. There are three particularly important issues that are taken into account: the amount of insulation required, the season and the intended activities. This is why we have so many different types of fleeces and why our sleeping bags cover so many different temperature ratings.


Low weight and a compact pack size are also very important as insulation layers often get changed depending on the weather, degree of activity or time of day and all have to be carried in the rucksack.


It is also crucial that sweat is quickly wicked away from the body. Jack Wolfskin therefore spend a lot of time experimenting with different ways to improve the layering system compatibility of our functional clothing to ensure that moisture is transported away as effectively as possible.


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